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“It’s like the old saying goes,” the groundhog began, aiming his gun at Thunder Man’s head. “You can’t make a delicious dandelion salad without blowing the top off of something beautiful.”

Stan “Thunder Man” Parker is the most ruggedly handsome celebrity weatherman in Western Pennsylvania. He just hasn’t been all that good at predicting the weather lately. They say he’s got the yips.

Meanwhile, celebrity weather groundhog Punxsutawney Phil has stolen Thunder Man’s following—and his wife—by promising and delivering sunshine.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, Thunder Man is convinced that a massive snowstorm is on its way, but no one’s listening. After all, Punxsutawney Phil says spring is here to stay. Time to donate your snow shovels to South America!

Does Thunder Man really have the yips? And could there be a sinister motive behind P. Phil’s unusually sunny forecasts?

It’s man vs. rodent in a showdown for the very soul of meteorology. And maybe the end of Groundhog Day as we know it.

It’s Kaboom!


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