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Brand New Nation: The Founding Fathers and the Retail Wars that Shaped America



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When he founded T.J. Maxx, Thomas Jefferson had no way of knowing he was radically altering the course of history. Soon thereafter, John Marshall founded Marshalls, Aaron Burr founded Burrlington Coat Factory, Alexander Hamilton founded Hamm’s Beer, and other founding fathers followed suit.

The ensuing retail warfare claimed lives, shifted borders, and gifted us the system of values that has made our nation a great success. Brand New Nation offers a fresh, revisionist take on America’s proud history of free enterprise, with illustrations that put the reader on the front lines of retail warfare, in all its terrifying glory.

So crack a Hamm’s, curl up in your favorite bathrobe from T.J. Maxx or Marshalls or Burrlington Coat Factory, and enjoy the ride!

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